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Went to Centre Island on Saturday with the photography group and we took photos of the lights from the island. And me, I left the tripod in the car again as I “thought” I had enough photos of the Toronto skyline but failed to remember that Luminato was still on. So I did get a photo of the lights but not with my camera as 1) I left the tripod in the car and 2) I managed to bash the front of the camera on a rock as I fell down when I took a mis-step. Of course I could have borrowed the lens and put it on my 20D and then borrow the tripod but that would be too much work vs just using my memory card!

20070609-221828 (by Tanner.)

Oh and the lens itself of the aftermath of my clumsiness…

Gravity/clumsyness: 1, UVfilter: 0 (by Tanner.)

At least I did get the filter off which took a lot of force but the lens itself is unharmed.

I win (by Tanner.)