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It’s done finally. My legs are tired. My feet are killing me. Only a bit of my back neck is burned which is pretty good given that I was out in the sun since Thursday afternoon. Sunday morning was nice then the sky got dark and it poured pretty hard for a while. Of course there were numerous crashes during the Champ Car Atlantic and the Champ Car race when it rained. Anyways, here are a few photos from Sunday….

Champ Car warmup - Paul Tracy (by Tanner.)

Champ Car race - Katherine Legge (by Tanner.)

Champ Car race - Simon Pagenaud

Champ Car podium - Will Power, Neel Jani, Justin Wilson

Speed World Challenge flag girl

Speed World Challenge Touring Car - Baas and Cunningham (by Tanner.)

Speed World Challenge GT - Randy Pobst (by Tanner.)