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… is almost here. Though I’m not looking forward to the early morning start as I need to be at the track for the mandatory safety meeting at 7:30am, otherwise, no media pass for you!

This year, Owasco Audi hosted the R10 car and folks to meet the two drivers, Emanuele Pirro and Dindo Capello. The new 2009 A4 was there for folks to see, and… I like!

20080820-193627 (by Tanner.)

20080820-194016 (by Tanner.)

20080820-194225 (by Tanner.)

20080820-203720 (by Tanner.)

20080820-205753 (by Tanner.)

The new 2009 A4. I’ll take one in ibis white, avant, 2.0T, quattro, sport seats and with a six speed manual please!

20080820-201105 (by Tanner.)

20080820-204654 (by Tanner.)

20080820-201721 (by Tanner.)

And I finally won something after four years attending these things!

After four years... (by Tanner.)