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Last year I didn’t go since I recall it was the day trip to Algonquin and it also happened to be Nuit Blanche. With this year’s event not on the same day with my yearly Algonquin Park fall colours day trip, decided to head downtown to check out some of the projects in zone A.

Unfortunately the subway ride didn’t get the night off to a good start. Trying to get off the subway at the Yonge/Bloor stop, I got elbowed in the face, nearly losing my glasses, which by the way, is not even six months old and now slightly bent. Crowds were a bit much at the subway stops but at least the crowds on the street were tolerable. Back on the subway to head down to Union Station, a drunk, not watching where he was going, decided to push me as if I was the door which I already opened. No sorry, no nothing. Sigh.

Anyways, did get a few photos, and at least, finally got the opportunity to see the old Maple Leafs Garden.

20081005-002447 (by Tanner.)

20081005-005827 (by Tanner.)

20081005-021640 (by Tanner.)

As for future Nuit Blanche outings, I think I’ll pass.