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American Le Mans

Major spin puts the #48 Orbit Racing Porsche 911 GT3 in the GTC class driven by Luke Hines into the barrier at this year’s American Le Mans.

Fortunately Luke walks away from the crash.

I managed to take a few more shots as the shutter button was held down but decided to get away from the wall as soon as possible as the front right tire became airborne (flew about 30 feet up?), lands in the middle of the track and rolls down the track and rolls right across from us, while cars swerved around the wreck at a pretty good clip.

Unfortunately the camera was setup for panning and not for fast shutter so the next few images is completely blurry.

The day before I along a few others were shooting from same spot of where the crash occurred, especially with the random debris that landed on the other side of the barrier . Yikes!

The barrier couldn’t be repaired in time and the race finished with one more lap under full caution.