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Ever since the new Audi RS4 photos were released, one thing I loved, those factory 19″ RS4 rims by quattro gmbh. Gorgeous. Okay the car is well out of my price range as it comes in at $100,000CDN before all those other fees and taxes. And those rims are also an inch too large and probably too much money also.

So about a month ago or even a bit more, came time to figure out what the heck I was going to do for summer tires. Could do the most economical thing and remove the winter Kumho tires off the stock rims and put on the original Continental ContiSport all seasons back on the stock rims but that would be no fun. And I wasn’t too thrilled of having to pull off the winters then putting on the Conti’s then doing it all over again about eight months from now, something probably not all that good for the tire itself. Or I could probably find a set of winter rims for next winter but really, anything different wouldn’t look all that great. So I continued to contemplate about the cost of tires and rims, probably for about for 2-3 weeks trying to figure out what to do, due to other current priorities.

Then I made a decision. Well, sort of.

Okay, decided on getting a set of replica RS4 rims (meaning not the real thing but made by somebody else). Could go Stratmosphere, or a set from Hartmann. Hartmann’s were a little bit more expensive but in the end, I decided to go with the Hartmann’s. Probably a factor in the back of my head was that the Stratmosphere rims were made in Thailand and the Hartmann rims were made in Italy. Okay okay, manufacturing processes anywhere should be the same along with QA processes but that just stuck in my mind. That took between a week or two to come to a conclusion.

Then I lucked out in a big group buy of tires. Friend was looking for a *few* people to go in and get some tires with him, save a bit of money by ordering a lot and getting the cost per tire down. So started looking at a set of 18″ Goodyear F1 GSD3s. First it was $1200CDN. Then went down to $1080. And final price, with all taxes and shipping in, $1060. Nobody in Toronto could beat this price nor the best online store in Canada.

So drove up to my friend’s place in Richmond Hill to pick up the tires…. and this was his garage…

Now I have never seen four pallets of tires in a single garage that didn’t belong to a commercial business! And by the way, he’ll never do this again as he was only looking for nine others to get in on the deal then it just snow-balled from there.

With everything in hand, two days later, the tires were installed and mounted very carefully by Mark at Independent Tuning, unlike some of the other tire shops around the corner I’ve been at where they don’t really care and end up leaving a nick or two on the rims.

So there we have it, summer tires and rims that hopefully last for four years, well, the rims better last for more than four years.

And I typically never write anything this detailed here.