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Whenever there are some interesting cloud patterns, take a few shots, join them up with autostitch, emphasize the clouds in Photoshop and there you go. Click on the image for the original size.

Guess at the end of the month, no more shots from the 18th floor.

And on a seperate note, after leaving RBC to take care of some things for the new townhouse, came close on getting either t-boned or rear ended at an intersection. Light goes green, car in front makes the left turn, and I follow as there’s no traffic coming from the opposite way. I check anyways for traffic coming from the right and notice a Chrysler doing a pretty good speed and doesn’t look like it’s gonna stop. So here I am, stopped in the middle of the intersection and she goes straight by as I lay on the horn. Drive by her later as she’s stopped in traffic, she has the passenger window down and yells out “sorry”. I could have gave her the finger, screamed at her, etc. but it wouldn’t have done anything at all, so I just wave to acknowledge her and I continue on with my drive home.