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I’ve been with the TPMG (Toronto Photography Meetup Group) for just over a year now, great group of people, learned a lot about photography itself over the past year and more. One of the growing pains we have had to live by was the limited messaging capabilities on With more and more members joining each month, trying to keep track of discussions on the group just wasn’t working out. Our request for the ability to create seperate subforums were acknowledged several months ago but unfortunately we haven’t seen any improvements in this one specific area.

For about the last month, a few of us (Jerrold, Carrie, and myself) went out and decided to find a new solution. I think Jerrold was initially looking at it then I just got carried away and was able to find a solution that would do almost everything that did and some.

So, with it being May 15th, today was the official launch of our new home, specifically moving to the new forum. Of course we had about a hundred and change already on the new site prior to today to give it a good shakedown and today, almost another 100 new members joined.

And with the new site, our revised logo. Click it to go to the new TPMG home!